Food Hygiene Rating 5


Lewis of Radlett – Traditional Butcher achieves highest possible food hygiene rating. We are very proud to announce that we have been awarded the highest possible food hygiene rating of 5 from The Food Standards Agency.

All food businesses must fully document their food safety procedures based on HACCP, but as a butchers handling raw and cooked food we must be rigorous in our monitoring, recording and control of food safety.
We take our customers health seriously and have developed strong food safety management procedures to eliminate any risks. These include:
• cooking, cooling, storage times and temperatures
• controlling cross-contamination from: processes such as slicing and vacuum packing
• cleaning and disinfection arrangements
• personal hygiene requirements
• water quality
• management and control of food safety activities, such as: suppliers and other traceability arrangements, staff training and complaints
• maintenance of equipment, including calibration of temperature monitors

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