Burgers on a barbecue


The sun is out and the kids are off school, so why not take the opportunity to fire up the barbecue? Who doesn’t love that caramelised meat with those sweet, smokey flavours that only come with barbecuing. It’s a great way to share food with friends and family, plus, if you’ve got a gang of kids over, it is perfect for feeding a large group.

Come down to the shop and choose from our great range of products that are perfect for the BBQ. There is no preparation to do as we have done it all for you. For the kids, we have all their favourites such as: chicken kebabs, wings, thighs, burgers and sausages. For the adults. why not try our marinaded smoky, chilli BBQ kebabs or go greek with our mint burgers and lamb koftas, serve them with a feta salad and a bowl of olives.

Here are a few helpful tips to make sure your barbecue is perfect:
1) Light the BBQ well ahead of cooking (30 minutes).
2) The embers should be glowing and there should be no flames or smoke when you cook.
3) Take your meat out of the fridge 20 minutes before cooking, allowing it to come up to room temperature. this will ensure the meat is not too cold in the centre.
4) Make sure you have enough room to keep raw meat separate from cooked meat.
5) If your meat starts to char soon after putting it on the BBQ, move it to a cooler part (normally around the outside).
6) To check the meat is cooked through, use a sharp knife to cut into the centre and make sure the juices run clear.
7) Cover and leave the cooked meat to rest for a few minutes in a warm place. This will allow the juices to settle and enhance the flavour.

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