As with every profession, if you don’t have the right tools for the job, then it’s not going to get done properly. That’s why when you come into Lewis of Radlett you will see our butcher’s using an array of knives, each one fit for a different purpose because a professional butcher simply cannot make all of the needed cuts with just one knife.

Typically, Ken and Jamie use the following:
Boning Knife – to help cut and slice the meat away from the bone.
Skinning Knife – for skinning sheep, beef and game.
Meat Cleaver – for chopping up pieces of meat and breaking bones.
Butcher’s Knife – used primarily for cutting large pieces of meat into retail cuts such as steaks.

As you would expect, the knives used in store are kept razor sharp, which means they slice through the meat much easier than a dull edge, allowing the product to be returned to temperature-controlled storage more quickly, which in turn means the meat retains its freshness

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