Pork and Apple


Mint with lamb, apple and pork ever wondered why these go together? Why do we have horseradish with beef or lemon with chicken? And how come those well known flavour combinations work so well?

If we take a culinary history trip back in time, spices and sugar had yet to be introduced into England. People ate what was fresh and readily available according to the seasons, so whatever herbs, fruits or vegetables happened to be ripe and ready on your farm at lamb or pig-killing time were the ones you ate with your meat. These fruits or vegetables were also a way of masking meat passed its best. Remember, there was no refrigeration or canning to preserve food, so if you were lucky enough to have meat at all, you would eat it despite whether it had begun to spoil or not.

There are recipes dating back to Roman and Medieval times that show certain food combinations were popular and enjoyed by all. We still enjoy these combinations today, whether it be beef with horseradish, or lamb with mint, they are proven winners

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