Crown of Lamb


As National Butchers Week continues, a customer in the shop asked Lewis what was the point of this sort of event? It’s a good question and the answer is simple, it is to promote the skills of butchers throughout the UK.

Whilst supermarkets certainly serve a purpose, your local traditional butcher is in many ways a far better place to purchase fresh, quality meat. It is the purpose of National Butchers Week to communicate to a wider audience this fact. Your high street butcher is highly skilled, vastly knowledgeable and can make cuts of meat not widely available in a supermarket.

According to a recent survey by National Butchers Week, two out of ten people interviewed thought that tofu was meat-based, three out of ten admitted to having no idea how long it takes to cook a chicken and over half of 18-24 year old’s had no knowledge on how to cook a Sunday Roast.

By going to a supermarket and buying a shrink-wrapped joint of meat, you are missing out on so much. At your local butcher’s shop there is a conversation, questions asked, advice given, you may even come away with a nugget of knowledge that will improve your cooking skills no end. This level of engagement will not happen at a supermarket.

Your local butcher is highly skilled, he can make a cut to suit your specific needs, he will also, trim and bone it as you require.
He will even advise on cooking times, techniques and recipes. His knowledge will gain you value for money, the best cut and a great recipe.

So the next time you are having a dinner party or doing a Sunday roast, pop in to your local high street butcher. We think you will be pleasantly surprised at the range of meat stocked and how prices are very competitively priced against the supermarket shrink-wrapped product.

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