Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Poultry, Venison and Game

Lewis of Radlett

As a traditional butcher we aim to offer an exceptional range of fresh, high quality meat, poultry and game to satisfy any family’s budget and we believe our meat range is the best, here’s why.

• Our robust sourcing process means you can buy with confidence.
• Our controls ensure the integrity of all meat and poultry products.
• Our aim is to support British farmers wherever possible.

Beef it up
Our succulent beef is full of flavour and tastes amazing. Don’t just take our word for it, why not order a joint of beef and our Master Butcher Ken will prepare and trim it for you. He will also let you know how long to cook it for!

Our lamb bleats the competition
Whether you want to impress with a Sunday roast or need a simple weekday supper, our sweet flavoured, versatile lamb can be roasted, stewed, minced or cut into chops, but don’t forget the rosemary and garlic...Yum!

Pork - cracklingly good
From pork chops, steaks, cutlets, belly, ribs, sausages and joints. Our top grade selected pork is tender and has a soft, delicate texture that delivers big flavours. And of course, the best bit is the crackling!

Poultry - clucking great!
Lean white meat is not only healthy but delicious too. Pop a drumstick in your lunchbox or casserole a couple of thighs for a mid week supper. Lewis of Radlett sources chicken, goose and turkey for every occasion and every budget.  

Game, hare today, gone tomorrow!
Fancy something very different? We offer a range of the best of British game. Including: pheasant, duck, rabbit and venison. If you have never tasted game, you really should give it a try. Highly nutritious and simply delicious. There is nothing like it. Call our team, who can let you know when our game arrives in store.

Lewis of Radlett delivering flavour and quality at value prices
Why not fill up your freezer with our family packs. They are incredible value and help your budget go further. Our expert butcher’s are on hand to help you choose the best value cuts or just to give guidance.

Weight of meat per Person Guide

ChopsOur guide below shows what weight of meat per person to help you with your order. Allow half a pound per person (225g) of boneless meat or three quarters of a pound (340g) per person of bone in meat.

Boneless Meat People Bone in meat
1lb / 0.45kg 2 – 3  
2lb / 0.91kg 4 – 5 3lb / 1.36kg
3lb / 1.36kg 6 – 7 4lb / 1.82kg
4lb / 1.82kg 8 – 9 6lb / 2.73kg
5lb / 2.27kg 10 – 11 7lb / 3.18kg
6lb / 2.73kg 12 – 13 8lb / 3.64kg
7lb / 3.18kg 14 – 15 10lb / 4.54kg
8lb / 3.64kg 16 – 17 12lb / 5.44kg
9lb / 4.08kg 18 – 19 14lb / 6.35kg
10lb / 4.54kg 20 – 21 16lb / 7.25kg
11lb / 4.98kg 22 – 23 18lb / 8.16kg
12lb / 5.44kg 24 + 20lb / 9.07kg

Cutting a Rib