Because during the Second World War they added a lot of water, so the sausages would burst as they cooked and that’s why they were called bangers. We still add a little water, but it’s only to rehydrate the breadcrumbs. Otherwise you will end up with very dry sausages.

Jamie, our ‘Sausage Professor’, handmakes our sausages using mainly pork shoulder. It has a good amount of fat in it to make the sausage not only moist, but full of flavour too.

We always want to offer our customers, tried and tested combinations such as rosemary and garlic, but we like to offer something different too. That’s why we have been asking customers for their ideas on great flavour combinations. Of course, we don’t only use pork or lamb in our sausages. Our best selling sausage happens to be chicken and apricot.

The humble banger is an essential staple for a family, you can have them for breakfast, in a lunchtime sandwich or for dinner in good old bangers and mash.

So what’s your favourite flavour? Let us know and Jamie may well be asking you for the recipe!

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