We can’t speak Welsh but we can sing it’s praises! – Why Welsh lamb is one of the best.
I popped into my local supermarket the other day (no, not for meat!) and noticed they predominantly sold only lamb from New Zealand. It got me thinking, why would anyone buy lamb that has been shrink wrapped, frozen, then taken six weeks to travel over 11,000 miles to England, when you can buy the best lamb that’s from Wales.

At Lewis of Radlett, we always aim to support our British farmers, so we only source Welsh lamb, because nothing else compares for flavour. Well to be fair, Scottish lamb would come very close and together they beat New Zealand lamb for juiciness, texture and flavour without question.

So why do supermarkets push New Zealand lamb on to customers? Money, that’s why. Over winter, supermarkets have been able to buy New Zealand lamb at a cheaper price, but they sell it on to customers at a higher or the same price as Welsh lamb. So the next time you go to buy lamb, think of the Welsh farmers, digging animals out of snow, getting grain up to the hills in the worst of winter conditions. Then think of New Zealand lamb that has travelled half way around the world and been frozen for months. Without question, our farmers produce the best lamb, so buy the best, buy British.

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